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Magical Moments in North Cornwall 2019


1. These Magical Moments will usually work best if tiny audiences stumble upon one or two performers quietly rehearsing or simply performing for their own amusement in some lovely quiet spot. For these events everything should be acoustic.

2. The beautiful locations are blessed with gentle, natural sounds and our micro-event sounds should blend in, not overwhelm.

3. Minimal equipment should be used so that, if anyone complains, it will be swift and simple to just apologise and move to a different location. Care must be taken not to block any entrances etc.

4.. For 'set piece' events, with locations and times publicised in advance and perhaps some amplification, permission of the site owners must be obtained in advance.

5. National Trust are unlikely to approve of any set-piece events unless they are part of an already existing, approved festivity. NT is very keen to maintain the quiet, natural charm of our beautiful places.

6. There should be no busking or seeking of donations, or selling of items, for the micro-events. That could be breaking the law. But, by all means, have your own publicity materials on discreet display alongside the small Magical Moments display. If these events can help you get bookings or future sales, that will be wonderful

7. If you would prefer to have some company for your micro-event, just let me know and I will endeavour to be with you.

8. Use our FaceBook page, Magical Moments in North Cornwall, to publicise your events in advance, and report back with pictures, videos, comments etc afterwards.

9. Make sure you let me know what is planned so that I can get it onto the website and FaceBook - and send me feedback, pics etc that  may be used on the website or in a blog.

St Nectans Glen

Is eager to welcome performers

Info for Performers

What is
a Magical Moment ?

When I was 17, I was exploring a large garden on the mountainside of Capri. As I climbed higher, I heard the sound of classical music from further up the mountain.

I climbed the path up to a tiny circular chapel - its doors were wide open and inside was a girl playing beautifully on a grand piano. I stayed to listen - and then chat.

That was a truly Magical Moment that I can never forget - beautiful music being played just for me, in a beautiful chamber with a fantastic view over the Bay of Naples.

No doubt you can think of some Magical Moments of your own.

Now let’s create some more
Magical Moments
for others to enjoy and remember.


Contact me for more suggestions for beautiful and suitable locations.